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EVERPLAY International Inc. and the companies associated with the principals of EVERPLAY have been writing informal and formal articles on play and recreation surface issues since 1993.  Some have been distributed to a small group of playground practitioners familiar with EVERPLAY to formal EVERPLAY Newsletters and articles in third party publications and collaborations with others on published articles.  This section will contain a list of the articles that have been published by EVERPLAY along with links to the full document.  The link to the left Newsletters & Articles will provide a list and links other information.  We hope you find this informative.


EVERPLAY International Inc. - Relative Merits of Surfacing for Playgrounds 22/10/97

EVERPLAY International Inc. - CSA and You    2/2/98

EVERPLAY International Inc. - Playground Surfacing, Maintenance & Liability 11/6/98

EVERPLAY International Inc. - Accessible Playground Surfacing 27/1/99

EVERPLAY International Inc. - Stringing Together Two Standards 29/3/99

EVERPLAY International Inc. - Certification of Playground Surfaces vs. Site Testing 29/2/04

CANADIAN Playground Advisory Inc. - Poured-In-Place Protective Playground Surfacing 4/1/06

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