When Only the Best Will Do

 EVERPLAY The People are a Key Ingredient


Our People Make the Difference


Playground protective surfacing is a combination of technology, installation technique, chemistry and understanding the environmental influences at the time of the installation, but it would all be for nothing if it were not for the people who make up EVERPLAY.


We would like to introduce you to people involved in the day to day operation and the people who will solve your surfacing problems with great surfacing solutions.

Rolf Huber is the founder and creator of the EVERPLAY and the various systems that are provided.  He had received an award from ASTM and work with the US Access Board.

Henry Helps is the voice of EVERPLAY with extensive experience in the playground industry extending back to the 1970's, with play structures, to inspections to surfacing.

Jagtar (JACK) Singh Nijjar is the chief person in the field, ensuring high quality installations and compliance to Standards and the techniques and formulation of EVERPLAY International Inc and the rmz Elastech Products Inc.

Sukhwinder (SUKI) K Nijjar is a valuable member of the EVERPLAY team at all installation aspects of the project.

Jagtar Singh Pooni is responsible for the quality control at the installation site with control over the chemical and formulating at the site.

Ranbir Singh is a major contributor to the delivery of quality surfacing in the field

Adam Huber has been tied to EVERPLAY for his entire life.  He is capable of managing any aspect of an installation project, but his strength lies in the development of machinery and specialty applications of polyurethane chemistry to solve surface, recreation and compliance problems

State of the art is not a limit, it is a point of departure