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 EVERPLAY provides a number of Products for Multiple Applications


EVERPLAY provides a variety of products tailored to solve problems related to Play, Recreation and Athletic Surfacing in relation to standards compliance, functionality and durability.  The products cover more than 30 years of development, a proven track record all backed with knowledge and long-term and straight forward warranties.  Where there is a new or special application the dedicated people at EVERPLAY will bring their skills and years of experience to assist the client in finding a solution.


Some of the applications that the surface


EVERPLAY "in situ" is a system of rubber components bonded with polyurethane binders with a history reaching back to the early 1980's.

  • EVERPLAY "in situ"  has built a reputation as an exceptional playground surface with functional longevity of more than 12 years and continuing to surpass industry and performance standards.

  • EVERPLAY "in situ" has become the surface of choice for Accessible Surfacing for an entire playground or through loose fill materials to provide the Accessible Route.

  • EVERPLAY has for more than 20 years provided surfacing solutions for landscape shapes and hills to now become recognized as an integral part of the high traffic and high maintenance surfaces that have become part of the "Natural Playground Movement".

  • EVERPLAY  "in situ" has long been used as a water permeable, cleanable and resilient surface for bikes, trikes and open play.  The open play application allows facilities with confined space to work with portable toys and loose parts to get the best for their Children.

  • EVERPLAY "in situ" surfaces have provide resilient and slip resistant surfaces for young and old alike in Universally Designed recreation facilities with slip-resistance and resilience.

  • EVERPLAY  "in situ" benefits from the knowledge, experience and technology to provide jogging and training surfaces that change the work required to traverse sections for a total and healthy workout.

  • EVERPLAY "in situ" technology is exceptional for the covering of swimming pool decks for a unique, feel, performance and rejuvenation of traditional surfaces.


  • EVERPLAY Play Mats benefit from a solid 25 year history of rubber mats of various configurations.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats can be purchased here on the internet by request.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats were originally provided in 2" and 3" mats for playgrounds, however our insistence that surfacing be able to provide impact protection at 12' and not having control over where the EVERPLAY mats would be installed, this market application was discouraged and discontinued. It was decided that it is better to forego sales and profit, than potentially injury an unsuspecting child.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats still find a successful role in conjunction with other playground surfacing materials to provide an Accessible Route through any loose fill material and accommodate drop heights up to 12'.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats are used to provide an Accessible Entrance to a playground

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats are used, within loose fill surfaces, individually in high traffic areas such as swings, slide exits and sliding poles to reduce maintenance.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats have been used for roof top jogging surfaces

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats, with or without a cover provide exceptional surfacing for weight training and exercise facilities where a surface must be more than hard rubber.

  • EVERPLAY Play Mats have been used to line shooting ranges to reduce the risk of bullet ricochets and reduce the lead dust in the range.

Champ-Track is available in either the water permeable (WP) and water impermeable (FPU).  Both types of Champ-Track are always installed on a hard base such as asphalt or concrete and under certain circumstance the Toro-Tan base.  The minimum installed thickness for the Champ-Track WP is 10mm and to a maximum of 18mm.  After 18mm, the EVERPLAY "in situ" would take over.  The Champ-Track FPU is installed from a minimum depth of 6mm to 15mm.

The Champ-Track surfaces are to be installed on appropriate types of bases.  Where a water permeable (WP) is installed, the base must be water permeable or the Champ-Track WP percentage binder must be significantly increased to accommodate the detrimental affect of standing water within the system.  This is one circumstance where the Toro-tan would make an ideal base.

The Champ-Track FPU is always installed on a water impermeable base, and should the Toro-Tan base be used (SpringTurf), there must be a seal coat applied prior to the Cham-Track FPU.

  • Champ-Track is used for waterplay surfacing

  • Champ-Track is used for elite athletic running track surfaces

  • Champ-Track is used for swimming pool decks

  • Champ-Track is used to provide a permanent ice skate walking path

  • Champ-Track has been used to manufacture the surface for portable practice pitching mounds

Champ-Floor FPU is an indoor variation of the Champ-Track FPU with a smooth rather than textured surface.  The Champ-Floor can be installed over a number of bases and substrates.  This is a high performance surface that will have a functional life well beyond 15 years.

  • Champ-Floor is used for indoor running tracks

  • Champ-Floor is used for gymnasium floors

  • Champ-Floor is used to multi-purpose rooms

Toro-Tan is a unique system that provides a polyurethane bond, semi-rigid system that provides exceptional bio-mechanical properties.  Although the Toro-Tan requires special techniques and skills, it is well worth the effort when compared with the exceptional results.

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base Champ-Track running tracks

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base for "glide" tennis court

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base for horse barn flooring (SpringTurf)

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base for Champ-Track FPU golf walkways

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base to certain artificial turf systems

  • Toro-Tan can be used to create a stable natural turf surface

SMARTE is a unique surface that meets the requirements of the ADA for accessibility and has a critical height greater than 14'.  The SMARTE is sophisticated in its adaptation of technology and physical performance, yet simple and user friendly for the installer or person that needs to provide maintenance or repairs.

EVERPLAY International Inc. is pleased to partner with Parity Inc. to bring SMARTE to you.

The SMARTE system provides advantages that are not often realized.  This is a tremendous advantage to the owner of the playground and the children that play on it.

  • SMARTE is used in playgrounds as detailed in the SMARTE brochure

  • SMARTE is used to provide an accessible route through loose fill playground protective systems that

  • SMARTE can be used in any outdoor situation where impact attenuation is required.

Special Applications are the foundation that the EVERPLAY group of companies have been built on.  A number of the successful products and applications that are listed above throughout this website have had their start in a simple request.  As an example the genesis the EVERPLAY "in situ" was to provide a surface that was cleaner and more bouncy than dirt.

EVERPLAY  is pleased to have built very challenging and interesting relationships with the many of our clients and achieved very unique and satisfying solutions.  For greater detail, this link can be followed.



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