Rolf Huber

Rolf Huber is a graduate of McMaster University and has been involved in the manufacture and installation of athletic and playground surfaces since 1981. From 1981 to 1984 he was involved in the development and manufacture of Elastocrete and training sessions in Europe. Further training in Europe included time spent with the Poligras division of J.F. Adolff AG of Germany and Sportbau Technique AG of Switzerland. Other training was in various polyurethane system houses and factories in Switzerland and France. Following 1984, Rolf Huber worked with his team to invent the EVERPLAY poured in place systems and then EVERPLAY Mat systems. Another unique invention was the Champ-Track full polyurethane system for waterplay facitities.

Rolf Huber is a member since 1990 of the CSA Z614 task group for the Canadian Standard for Playspaces, the ASTM F08.63 sub-committee that sets the standard for impact attenuation, accessibility, and flammability of playground surfaces and Co-chair of the ASTM F08.23 sub-committee for Tennis Courts and Running Tracks.

He has worked to educate the owners and operators of playgrounds of the need for effective and well maintained surfacing. Although Rolf Huber has been most actively involved in the synthetic surfaces, he is an advocate for excellence in surfacing whether it is synthetic or the more traditional loose fill materials such as sand, metering stone, engineered wood fibre or woodchips.

Henry Helps

Henry started in the playground industry with Ressco Recreation Inc. in January 1980 as a sales and marketing representative and learned the basics from ground up. This included design, manufacturing and installation of the play equipment.

From January of 1984 to 1993, he worked for Children’s Playground Inc. in their sales department, being responsible for sales in Southern Ontario. His duties included the taking of playground from initial concept to just prior to the Children arriving. This included compliance to the standards of the day for playgrounds. During that time, he took an AutoCad drafting course to aid in the design of all the playstructures he sold. This was very helpful in designing many of the complex structures that Children’s Playgrounds sold.

In 1993 he left Children’s Playgrounds and begun a short stint with Hilan, after which he learned the basics of playground inspections with Playspaces Inc.

He joined EVERPLAY Installation Inc. in January of 1996 as a sales representative, which opened up a whole new world for him in the surfacing industry. He was involved not only in the sales and administration of the company but as well, the many aspects of the installation of the poured in place surfaces for playgrounds and water play facilities.

Adam Huber

Adam Huber has been tied to EVERPLAY for his entire life. He is capable of managing any aspect of an installation project, but his strength lies in the development of machinery and specialty applications of polyurethane chemistry to solve surface, recreation and compliance problems.

Jagtar Singh Nijjar

Jagtar (Jack) Singh Nijjar is the chief person in the field, ensuring high quality installations and compliance to Standards and the techniques and formulation of EVERPLAY International Inc and the rmz Elastech Products Inc.

Sukhwinder K Nijjar

Sukhwinder (SUKI) K Nijjar is a valuable member of the EVERPLAY team at all installation aspects of the project.

Ajmail Singh Hothi

Ajmail Singh Hothi is  is a valuable member of the EVERPLAY team at all installation aspects of the project.

Gurdas Singh Dhaliwal

Gurdas Singh Dhaliwal is a major contributor to the delivery of quality surfacing in the field