4'x5' Accessible Route


EVERPLAY has developed a system of Mats, Thresholds, Adhesives, Support, Base Materials and Tools to provide a solution for the owner that is working to provide an Accessible Route through loose fill materials. The PlayMat system can provide for fall heights of 4ft to 11ft. Loose fill materials, such as sand, pea gravel, rubber nuggets, engineered wood fibre, rubber crumb, rubber fibres, etc. can be maintained to the edge of the PlayMat. EVERPLAY provides a threshold system and cutting tools to ensure a correct fit with creation of an appropriate change in vertical level.

Other EVERPLAY PlayMats are intended to be used as single mats to provide lower maintenance of loose fill surfaces in areas of motion such as swings and slides or under sliding poles. The have bevels on all sides and are available in 3’x3’, and 4’x4’. EVERPLAY has added an anchoring system to reduce vandalism and theft.

For those with maintenance problems with the BaseBall infield, batters boxes, EVERPLAY provides the PlayBall Mats 3’x6’ to eliminate the players digging holes, while providing a firm and stable surface that enhances the Batter’s performance. These specialty mats can also be used in the catch/umpire area to reduce maintenance.

EVERPLAY Mats Brochure
EVERPLAY Playball Mat



Every Ball Field owner knows that the Batter’s Box can be the biggest problem on the field at any time during the season based on intensity of use, weather and the level of play.

The PlayBall mat is 3´ x 6´ x 2" and weighing in at 150 pounds becomes a permanent solution the meet both the needs of Players and Grounds Keepers.

Installation with 2" of cover and the 45o bevel makes the PlayBall Mat ideal for player comfort, sliding, and cleats.

Manufactured in Canada using 85% natural and recycled materials in multiple layers and bound with a polyurethane binder and manufacturing process with a 30 year history.

  • Easy to install
  • Player comfort
  • Allows for aggressive play
  • More durable than any clay brick
  • More durable than any clay based system
EVERPLAY PlayBall Mat Brochure